Unlocking Growth Opportunities in India’s Construction Industry

Our first Industry Collaboration at Hyderabad

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving global landscape, the construction industry stands as a cornerstone of India’s economic growth, contributing a substantial 9% to the nation’s GDP and employing a staggering 74 million individuals, both in urban and rural areas. However, despite its significant role, this sector faces its fair share of challenges, with workforce shortages and inadequate access to skills leading to financial burdens, such as cost overruns, and operational hurdles, including project delays.


Even in the age of digital transformation and the unprecedented growth of the realty segment, the construction industry grapples with a distinct gap that impedes its progress — the lack of collaborative partnerships among industry players, innovators, and government stakeholders to develop scalable models for skilling construction workers. The root causes of these challenges are multifaceted, encompassing insufficient investments, limited incentives for industry partners, slow technological integrations, and low levels of aspiration among the workforce.


As a result, there is an urgent need for collective action to establish ecosystems that foster innovation enterprises within the construction industry, with a direct and indirect impact on the semi-skilled and unskilled construction workforce.


The issue of skills mismatch and the scarcity of employment opportunities extends beyond India’s borders, representing a global concern. Additionally, rapid changes in labor market demands necessitate continuous retraining and upskilling for workers of all age groups.


Recognizing these pressing issues, the Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI) has embarked on a mission to engage with industry stakeholders and skilling organizations, fostering collaborative opportunities aimed at accelerating organizational growth and addressing critical skill development challenges.


The inaugural event, “Collaborating Opportunities – Ways & Means to Scale and Speed up Organizational Growth,” which took place on May 22nd in Hyderabad marks the first of many initiatives to come.

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Hyderabad, Telangana


Vizag, Andhra Pradesh


Guwahati, Assam


Kochi, Kerala

At the heart of this endeavour lies the vision to create a platform for industry players to not only raise awareness about these challenges but also to explore opportunities for collective action. This platform brings together builders, developers, contractors, architects, consultants, skilling organizations, and students, making it a nexus for diverse stakeholders invested in the future of the construction industry. The ultimate goal is to foster an ecosystem conducive to growth, innovation, and skill development, ensuring the sector’s sustainability and competitiveness.


CSDCI’s “Collaborating Opportunities” events serve as catalysts for change within the construction industry, uniting stakeholders to collectively address critical issues related to workforce development and skill enhancement. With the backing of industry leaders and government support, CSDCI is on a mission to transform the construction industry landscape, creating a brighter future for both skilled and unskilled workers and enhancing India’s global competitiveness in this vital sector. Together, through collaboration and innovation, CSDCI aims to shape the future of the construction industry, driving economic growth and prosperity across the nation.

Empowering Communities: CSDCI’s Impact in Upskilling Masons for PM Awas Yojana-Rural in Lucknow

In a transformative initiative, the Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI) has played a pivotal role in upskilling 39,000 masons (Raj Mistri) in Lucknow. This concerted effort aims to enhance construction standards under the ambitious PM Awas Yojana-Rural. The impact of this training reverberates through improved employment prospects, increased income, and elevated housing quality for communities.

The training, aligned with the Rural Mason Qualification Pack of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), is a collaborative effort led by the Deen Dayal Upadhyay State Rural Development Institute in Lucknow, in partnership with CSDCI. This strategic collaboration underscores the commitment to aligning skill development initiatives with national standards and addressing the specific needs of rural development.

Certification through this program empowers masons with the ability to engage with larger agencies and secure higher wages. Beyond the economic benefits, the initiative focuses on enhancing the overall quality of housing, contributing to the realization of the PM Awas Yojana-Rural’s objectives.

What makes this initiative even more commendable is the inclusive approach adopted by CSDCI. The training has reached 2,542 women masons, breaking gender barriers and promoting diversity in a traditionally male-dominated profession. This emphasis on inclusivity not only enriches the workforce but also fosters a more equitable and empowered society.

The success of this training program goes beyond the individual skill enhancement; it symbolizes a community-focused approach to development. By equipping masons with certified skills, CSDCI is contributing to the broader goal of sustainable and resilient rural development.

As the impact of this initiative continues to unfold, it serves as a shining example of how skill development, aligned with national programs, can be a catalyst for positive change at the grassroots level. CSDCI’s commitment to empowering communities through skill enhancement is evident in every certified mason, each contributing to the transformation of Lucknow’s rural landscape.


Kaushal Dikshant Samaroh

Kaushal Dikshant Samaroh was an inspiring event that celebrated the success of our dedicated learners in their upskilling journey. 📚✨
The Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, graced the occasion with his encouraging words, emphasizing the immense potential of ‘Yuva Shakti’ (Youth Power) in our nation. 🇮🇳🙌
We were thrilled to be a part of this memorable event and proudly cheered for the candidates who received their well-deserved certifications after skilling through remarkable schemes like Sankalp, Nipun, and NAPs Scheme. 🤝💪
But the highlight of the day was when we could hear it from one of our certified learners. 🎤🤩

Embracing the Essence of “Swatchta Hi Seva”

Today was a remarkable day at the Construction Skill Development Council of India! Our dedicated employees united for the ‘Ek Tareekh – Ek Ghanta’ campaign and embraced ‘Shramdaan’ wholeheartedly. 🧹🌿
Under the inspiring leadership of our CEO, Shri Narendra Deshpande, we embarked on a mission to clean the premises of Mehrauli-Gurgaon road. 💪✨
The enthusiasm and passion displayed by our team were truly remarkable. Together, we cleaned with unwavering dedication, ensuring the success of this cleanup campaign. 🌍💚
But our mission doesn’t end here! We encourage everyone to join us in our journey towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier future for our school and community. Let’s keep the spirit of ‘Swatchta Hi Seva’ alive and inspire others to join this noble cause. Together, we can make a lasting impact! 🌱🌟

Celebrating Leadership and Innovation

🎉 Today, as we celebrate the birthday of our visionary leader, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, CSDCI extends heartfelt wishes on this auspicious day. 🎂

On the sacred occasion of Vishwakarma Day, Modi Ji graced the Yashobhoomi Convention Centre in Dwarka, Delhi, with a special unveiling—’PM Vishwakarma’ for artisans. 🛠️ This momentous step is poised to uplift and empower the artisans and Karmayogis of India, providing them with a platform to showcase their incredible talents.

Modi Ji’s call to make ‘vocal’ about ‘local’ and pledge to make it ‘global’ resonates deeply with the spirit of self-reliance and progress for our great nation. This initiative not only recognizes the rich tradition of craftsmanship in India but also aligns with the vision of a self-sufficient and globally competitive nation.

Kudos to the dedicated team at CSDCI for their relentless efforts in making this initiative a success! The warm welcome extended to our Prime Minister at the pavilion is a testament to the collaborative efforts that drive positive change in our society.

As we wish Prime Minister Modi Ji a joyous birthday, let’s celebrate not just the day but the unwavering commitment to innovation, leadership, and the transformative initiatives that shape the destiny of our nation. May this year bring new milestones and achievements for our beloved Prime Minister!

Soar to New Heights: Join Our Exclusive Webinar Series on Drone Technology

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📢 Calling all tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and drone enthusiasts! India Drone Academy and the Construction Skill Development Council of India are thrilled to present an instructor-led webinar series on DRONE TECHNOLOGY. 🛰️

🏗️ Explore the Future of Construction & Surveying with Drones 🏗️

Drones are not just cool gadgets; they’re essential tools revolutionizing the construction industry! Join us as we unravel the endless possibilities of drone technology for generating data from various sources within construction and project sites. 🏢🌇

📈 Discover how drones are shaping the future of surveying! 🗺️

In this webinar series, we’ll dive deep into the Unmanned Aerial Systems age, where technology is evolving at lightning speed. Don’t miss out on the chance to stay ahead in your industry! 🚀

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Harmony in Construction: Unveiling Collaboration Opportunities in Kerala

In the picturesque land of Kerala, where nature’s beauty seamlessly blends with cultural richness, our highly anticipated event has kicked off, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. Under the spotlight is a crucial theme – “Collaboration Opportunities: Ways and Means to Scale and Speed Up Organizational Growth in the Construction Industry.”

The enchanting backdrop of Kerala provides the perfect setting for this gathering, as professionals and visionaries from the construction sector converge to explore avenues that promise to redefine the industry’s trajectory.

The event aims to foster a spirit of collaboration, recognizing that the future of the construction industry lies in partnerships, innovative strategies, and shared insights. Kerala, with its unique architectural heritage and dynamic construction landscape, serves as an inspiring canvas for discussions on scaling and accelerating organizational growth.

Attendees can expect a rich tapestry of discussions covering various facets of collaboration opportunities. From exploring new technologies that can revolutionize construction processes to discussing effective strategies for scaling operations, the event is designed to be a melting pot of ideas and solutions.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the need for collaboration becomes increasingly evident. This event provides a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and the discovery of innovative approaches that can drive growth and excellence in the sector.

The lush greenery, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality of Kerala set the stage for an event that not only promises professional growth but also an immersive experience in one of India’s most enchanting destinations. As the event unfolds, stay tuned for insights, highlights, and the exciting possibilities that emerge from this convergence of minds in the land of backwaters and coconut groves.

Here’s to a harmonious journey in construction, exploring collaboration opportunities that will shape the future of the industry in the stunning landscape of Kerala!

Navigating the Skill Landscape: A Momentous Session with Our CEO, Mr. Narendra Deshpande

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our esteemed CEO, Mr. Narendra Deshpande, has been invited as the Chief Guest and resource person to deliver a session on “The Current Skill Ecosystem in the Country” at the prestigious Vidya Academy of Science and Technology.


This significant event promises to be an enlightening experience, as Mr. Deshpande, with his wealth of knowledge and leadership acumen, navigates through the intricate landscape of the current skill ecosystem in the country. As a Chief Guest, his presence is a testament to the recognition of his expertise and the valuable insights he brings to the table.

The session is poised to offer a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing skill dynamics, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that shape the skill landscape in the country. Mr. Deshpande’s discourse is anticipated to be a beacon for students, faculty, and professionals alike, providing invaluable insights into the evolving demands of the workforce.

Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, known for its commitment to academic excellence, is the perfect backdrop for this session. The collaborative environment at the academy is set to foster meaningful discussions and thought-provoking exchanges, enriching the collective understanding of the current skill scenario.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Vidya Academy for providing this platform to share knowledge and contribute to the discourse on skill development. Mr. Narendra Deshpande’s engagement as both the Chief Guest and resource person underlines our commitment to advancing the dialogue on skills that drive progress and innovation in the country.

As we eagerly anticipate this insightful session, we look forward to the ripple effects it will create in shaping a more informed and empowered skill ecosystem for the future. Stay tuned for updates and highlights from this momentous event!

Building Tomorrow: Collaborating Opportunities in Assam’s Construction Industry Unveiled!

🏗️ Dive into the captivating moments from our ongoing event, “Collaborating Opportunities in Assam.” The atmosphere is brimming with excitement, innovation, and a shared vision for empowering the construction sector. 💡✨

📊 Launch of the Construction Skill Gap Report on Assam State: Witness the unveiling of a groundbreaking report that sheds light on skill gaps and employability within the construction industry in Assam. This report is poised to be a game-changer, guiding us toward a more robust and skilled workforce. 📋🔍

🤝 Exploring New Horizons: Industry leaders, academia, government representatives, and skilling institutions have converged to explore collaborative pathways that will shape the industry’s future. The enthusiasm and synergy in the air are truly electrifying! ⚡🌐

Stay tuned as we unravel more insights, highlights, and key takeaways from this remarkable event. The journey has just begun, and we can’t wait to share more details with you soon! 📢🔜

Empowering Industries: NAPS Workshop in Collaboration with Tourism, Electronics, and Construction Sector Skill Councils

In a collaborative effort to foster industry awareness, the Tourism, Electronics, and Construction Sector Skill Councils joined forces to organize a National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) Workshop at ITI Pusa, New Delhi. Today’s session marked a significant stride towards enlightening industry partners on the benefits and potential reforms associated with NAPS.

The workshop kicked off with a keynote presentation on NAPS delivered by Mrs. Sandhya Salwan from the Directorate General of Training (DGT). Mrs. Salwan’s insightful presentation set the stage for the day, providing a comprehensive overview of NAPS and its implications for the participating sectors.

A highlight of the workshop was the active involvement of the Civil Society Development Centre of India (CSDCI). This provided an invaluable platform for CSDCI to share insights into legal aspects and potential reforms within the tourism, electronics, and construction sectors. As industries evolve, staying abreast of legal frameworks and embracing reforms becomes integral for sustained growth and success.

The collaborative nature of the workshop not only facilitated the exchange of knowledge but also served as an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with experts and peers in their respective fields. The event emphasized the importance of industry partnerships in driving positive change and embracing initiatives like NAPS.

In conclusion, the NAPS Workshop at ITI Pusa, New Delhi, emerged as a crucial step towards building a skilled and informed workforce. The collaboration between sector skill councils and the active participation of organizations like CSDCI underscored the commitment towards empowering industries through knowledge-sharing and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.