Empowering Industries: NAPS Workshop in Collaboration with Tourism, Electronics, and Construction Sector Skill Councils

In a collaborative effort to foster industry awareness, the Tourism, Electronics, and Construction Sector Skill Councils joined forces to organize a National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) Workshop at ITI Pusa, New Delhi. Today’s session marked a significant stride towards enlightening industry partners on the benefits and potential reforms associated with NAPS.

The workshop kicked off with a keynote presentation on NAPS delivered by Mrs. Sandhya Salwan from the Directorate General of Training (DGT). Mrs. Salwan’s insightful presentation set the stage for the day, providing a comprehensive overview of NAPS and its implications for the participating sectors.

A highlight of the workshop was the active involvement of the Civil Society Development Centre of India (CSDCI). This provided an invaluable platform for CSDCI to share insights into legal aspects and potential reforms within the tourism, electronics, and construction sectors. As industries evolve, staying abreast of legal frameworks and embracing reforms becomes integral for sustained growth and success.

The collaborative nature of the workshop not only facilitated the exchange of knowledge but also served as an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with experts and peers in their respective fields. The event emphasized the importance of industry partnerships in driving positive change and embracing initiatives like NAPS.

In conclusion, the NAPS Workshop at ITI Pusa, New Delhi, emerged as a crucial step towards building a skilled and informed workforce. The collaboration between sector skill councils and the active participation of organizations like CSDCI underscored the commitment towards empowering industries through knowledge-sharing and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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