Why Affiliation?

"According to NSDC guidelines, assessment agencies appointed by Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) in India are required to be affiliated with the respective SSC. This affiliation is mandated to ensure that the assessment agencies meet the prescribed quality standards, adhere to the guidelines set by the SSC, and align their assessment processes with the industry requirements within the specific sector represented by the SSC."

How do we select our Assessment Agencies?

Experience and expertise – We consider experience and expertise in conducting assessments in the construction sector.

Infrastructure and resources – We will consider the assessment facility, availability of necessary tools and equipment, and qualified assessors to ensure effective assessments.

Compliance with Guidelines – We will check the compliance with NSDC guidelines.

Quality Assurance Mechanisms – We will evaluate the quality assurance mechanisms implemented by assessment agencies. This involves assessing the agencies' processes for item development, question bank management, assessment administration, moderation, validation, and assessor training. We will seek assurance that assessments conducted by the agency are fair, reliable, and valid.

Alignment with our objectives - We assess the alignment between the assessment agency's objectives, capabilities, and our vision, mission, and skill development goals. This alignment ensures that the agency's expertise and services are in line with our objectives.

Our assessment agencies exclusively designate certified assessors, ensuring a specialized approach in evaluating learners for specific job roles. This commitment to certification guarantees a high standard of assessment tailored to the unique requirements of each designated role.

Responsibilities of Assessment Agencies

Assessment agencies in the skill development ecosystem have several key responsibilities. These responsibilities are crucial in ensuring the integrity, fairness, and reliability of the assessment process.

  • Designing Assessment Tools and Methods
    Assessment agencies are responsible for developing assessment tools and methods that effectively measure the skills. This involves creating assessment frameworks, question banks, performance evaluation criteria, and other relevant assessment materials.
  • Conducting Assessments
    Assessment agencies are responsible for administering and conducting assessments in accordance with the defined assessment protocols and guidelines.
  • Ensuring Fairness and Objectivity
    Assessment agencies must ensure that the assessment process is fair, unbiased, and objective. They should design assessments that provide equal opportunities for all candidates, irrespective of their background or circumstances.
  • Quality Assurance
    Assessment agencies are responsible for maintaining the quality and reliability of their assessment services.
  • Assessment Reporting and Feedback
    Assessment agencies should generate accurate and timely assessment reports for learners.


Assessment AgencyStatus

Ajooni Skills India Pvt Ltd

2Amrit Skills Development Pvt LtdActive

Cleveratti Skills Pvt Ltd


Demorgia Consulting Services Pvt Ltd


IRIS Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd

6Mascot Upgrade Skill and Knowledge Pvt LtdActive
7Navriti Technologies Pvt LtdActive

Proximo Education Society


Radiant Infonet Pvt Ltd


Skills Mantra Edu Tech Consulting India Pvt Ltd


SP Institute of Workforce Development Pvt Ltd


TAG Assessors Guild Pvt Ltd

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