12 Jan

CSDCI Joins Kaushal Mahotsav (Rozgar Mela) in Koderma, Jharkhand to aid skilling in the Construction Sector

CSDCI recently participated in the Kaushal Mahotsav (Rozgar Mela) event held in Koderma, Jharkhand. This remarkable occasion, which took place on January 12, 2023, at Baghitand Stadium, Koderma, was made possible on the advice of the Hon’ble Minister of State for Education, Government of India.

Kaushal Mahotsav, or the Skill Festival, is an initiative that aims celebrating and promoting skill development across various sectors. It serves as a platform for individuals to explore diverse skill sets and employment opportunities. CSDCI, as a pioneer in skill development within the construction sector, felt honored to be part of this significant event.

Our presence at Kaushal Mahotsav underlines our commitment to enhancing skills in the construction industry throughout India.

At CSDCI, we understand the importance of equipping individuals with the right skills to thrive in this dynamic industry. Our participation in Kaushal Mahotsav allowed us to engage with aspiring construction workers, artisans, and enthusiasts. We provided valuable insights and information about the skill development programs and opportunities we offer.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between skill demand and supply in the construction sector, ensuring that individuals are wellp-equipped with the skills needed to excel in this field. We believe that by empowering individuals with the right skills, we can contribute to their economic independence and the overall growth of the construction industry.

We are grateful for the guidance and support of the Hon’ble Minister of State for Education, Government of India, which made our participation in Kaushal Mahotsav possible. This event marks another step forward in our journey to empower construction workers and enhance the skill landscape of the nation.

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