PMKVY (2015-16) Candidate bank account details and Aadhaar details update

Dear Training Partner,

This is to notify all Training Partners/Candidates who got assessed/certified under PMKVY (2015-16) and PMKVY RPL (2015-2016), that updating/correcting of candidate’s bank account details (Account number, IFSC code, Bank Branch details etc.) and Aadhaar details will be allowed on SDMS from 1st July 2017 to 31stJuly 2017. This will be last opportunity for the Training Partner to upload/correct the candidate’s bank account details and Aadhaar details on SDMS portal for all the eligible candidates. In case of issues faced by TPs due to non-cooperation of Bank of India, Central Bank of India or State Bank of India, the TP may consider opening of the candidate bank account in any other banks following the necessary protocols as defined.  Training Partners are also strongly advised to furnish KYC details and Aadhaar details with respective branches positively and get confirmation from them to avoid transaction failure in future. After uploading of the details, TPs are required to send the list of corrected candidates to In case of any difficulties/issues faced while uploading/correcting the bank account/Aadhaar details, please get in touch with PMKVY team (


PMKVY RPL (2015-2016)

 (For candidates enrolled after 15th March 2016)

The last date for submitting RPL invoices sent out to Training Partners before 1st June 2017 is 15th July 2017. The Training Partners are requested to read all invoice related documents carefully to avoid incorrect submissions. In case of any difficulties related to RPL please get in touch with PMKVY RPL team ( ).

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