Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI) is a ‘Non-Profit Organization’, registered under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act 2013. CSDCI now offers you a unique opportunity to join with us membership. The membership is open to all stakeholders involved in construction activities. By becoming a member of CSDCI you are in a community of professionals who would provide you unique reach and access to resources, thereby providing you a competitive edge.

Who can become Member

>Membership is open to the following organizations:
  • Corporate
  • Builders and Developers
  • Architectural & Planning Firms
  • Interior Designers
  • Service Consultants
  • Materials and equipment manufacturers
  • Materials and equipment suppliers
  • Government Bodies/ Nodal Agencies
  • Not-for-profit organizations.

Types of Membership

  • Annual Membership: The membership is valid for one year and can be renewed every year.
  • Membership Fee: For all Categories – 2000/ Year
Membership for Organization

Membership for Organization

Membership Benefits.

1] Free Access to Secondary Research Report highlighting the following:

a. Economic Hot Spots PAN India involving flagship programs of the Government of India
b. Domestic ‘Demand-Supply’ Gap

Benefit  Helps align business growth and sustainability

2] Free Access to ‘Primary Research’ i.e. ‘Skill Gap Survey’ – The primary research on ‘State Specific Skill
Gap Survey’ is going on in 15 states. It has commenced during the 3 rd Week of December 2022 and will
be targeted to finish in 9 months’ time. However, data towards group of 3 states will be published in the
4 th month.

a. State Specific Skill Gap Survey – This will facilitate information on availability of ‘Skill Sets’ within
the state and therefore organizations can focus on those which are not available or can be
created locally with the help of ‘Construction Skill Development Council of India’ (CSDCI).
3] Free Access to Global Manpower Requirements – will facilitate industry to evolve ‘Global Business

4] Free Counselling and Career Guidance Content / Material – Industry can run these at their various
construction sites

5] e-Newsletter of Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI) – keep one updated on the
activities happening within the skill ecosystem

6] Onboarding of ‘Industry’ on ‘Skill Development Initiatives’ (Schemes) as driven by specific ministries
subject to approval by respective ministries at no cost to the industry except giving access to pursue on-
job ‘Skill Development’ of ‘Construction Workers at Construction Sites’.

7]  Facilitate pursuing ‘Skill Development’ vide ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ – industry can contribute
towards uplifting the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce overall within the ecosystem.

8] Facilitate ‘Apprenticeship Advocacy & Implementation’ for the industry – industry can get ‘Industry
Ready Candidates’ and vice-versa, majority of the work on the frontline can happen vide ‘Apprenticeship
Candidates’ and industry can keep their ‘Recruitment Costs’ very low.  

9] Subscription based access to technology enabled ‘Learning Content’ – Industry need not put any
capital and therefore the risk involved in subscription-based learning content is only limited to the
extent of its usage. Subscription costs are affordable in nature suiting different sizes of budgets.

10] Access to participate in State, India Skills & World Skills Competitions – industry can promote and
motivate some of their exceptionally skilled construction workers to participate and win medals and
accolades at world level.

11] Access to ‘Participant Handbooks’ at discounted rate – these can be used to drive the training / skill
development activities internally as well by the industry.

12] 20% Discounts to Conferences / Seminars / Workshops / Roundtables organized by Construction Skill
Development Council of India (CSDCI)

13] Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI) can facilitate global supply and placement of
qualified construction workforce and also take up qualifying the construction workforce already place

Membership Individual

Membership Individual

Membership Benefits.

  • Access to Domestic skill Gap report.
  • Access to Global Manpower Report.
  • Information on Ongoing Government/ Ministry Driven Skill Development programs across states and pan India Basis
  • Initiation and supporting the onboarding on Skill Development Programs
  • Placement Support Pan India and Overseas
  • Will be holding up Apprenticeship Support on Various Job roles Pertaining to Construction
  • Precedence in Skill Competitions- District, Regional Level, India Skills and World Skills Competition
  • Taking Skilling as a CSR initiatives and Holding throughout the Process
  • Access to Learning Content Developed By CSDCI
  • Access to Participant Handbooks on various Job roles 
  • Access to our AR / VR Training Modules
  • Access to our Technology Driven Learning Content
  • Access to our Skill Awareness Videos 
  • Access to our Job role Videos for Counselling and career guidance 
  • Deliverable of soft Copy our Monthly Magazine
  • 20% Discounts on our Paid conferences, seminars and workshop held on PAN India Basis
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