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Janbhagidari event – Skill Olympiad

The Skill Olympiad event at Rustomjee Premises was an exciting showcase of talent and skills from students across various domains like Electricals, Automobile, and Hotel Management. It’s wonderful to hear that the students demonstrated enthusiasm and presented their abilities with zeal.

It’s great to acknowledge and express gratitude to individuals who played important roles in making the event a success. Karan Desai, the Chief Operations Officer, and Saiyyed Akabarali, the Project Operations Manager – Skill Cluster at Rustomjee, deserve appreciation for their support and guidance. The teaching staff of Rustomjee also deserves recognition for their contributions in organizing the event and creating a conducive learning environment.

It was nice gesture for Rajeev Gokhale to actively engaged with the students by asking questions and explaining concepts during their presentations. Such interactions can enhance the learning experience and foster deeper understanding.

Overall, the Skill Olympiad was a memorable event that showcased the talents and skills of the students involved. Keep up the great work in promoting and encouraging such initiatives!