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It was a learning experience at Janbhagidari event 3 – Workshop

CSDCI to glad to announce that Know How Schools provided tremendous support in planning and implementing the workshops. The focus on ‘Sustainability in Civil Engineering and Green Buildings Architecture’ is crucial in today’s world, where environmental consciousness is gaining importance. Dipesh Bafna and Vivek Borate from Know How Schools led the enlightening workshop, where they showcased innovative raw materials that contribute to sustainable construction. Comparing these materials to traditional ones helps students understand the positive impact of sustainable practices.

Discussing examples of structures and evaluating their green credentials is a great way to encourage critical thinking and inspire future Civil Engineers to be innovative and responsible in their work. By emphasizing their role in adding value to the construction sector, the workshop motivates students to make a positive impact in their future careers.

It’s important to acknowledge the efforts and support of Principal Sarita S. Gaikwad and Head of the Department Leena K. More from JSPM Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering. Their encouragement and assistance in facilitating student participation and successfully implementing the workshop deserve special thanks.

Overall, the workshop on sustainability in Civil Engineering and green buildings was a significant and impactful event.