Blacklisting Assessors

Following CSDCI certified assessors have been blacklisted by CSDCI.

Ser Name of Assessor Name of Assessment Body Job roles
1 Ajay Singh Unique Education Welfare Society Assistant Electrician, Level 3
2 Satya Prakash Singh Mirams Training Services (I) Pvt Ltd Assistant mason , Level 2
3 Mohit Ranjan Mal Mirams Training Services (I) Pvt Ltd Assistant Electrician , Level 3
4 Jasbeer Singh Skill Training Assessment Management Partners Ltd (STAMP) Mason General Level-4
Construction Painter & Decorator Level-3
Shuttering Carpenter-System Level-4
5 Nandraj Choudhary SP Institute of Workforce Development Pvt Ltd (SPIWD) Assistant Electrician, Level 3